Amazon Fulfilment Services

We are here to make your life easy. Amazon is possibly the largest sales channel in the UK for sellers. It is vital that sellers maximise their exposure on Amazon while optimising their fulfilment strategy to ensure they get their products to the consumer quickly and cost effectively.
But Amazon maintains tight rules over the way goods are shipped, packed, labelled and stored, so it’s vital that companies don’t ship their products direct to Amazon or to market without first making sure that they’re compliant.
That’s where our knowledge and expertise is critical. Our team offers expertise in all areas across Amazon. We specialise in order fulfilment and warehousing so that you can focus on driving sales and growth by ensuring that the supply chain to the Amazon fulfilment warehouse isn’t continually suffering delays, because products aren’t properly prepared, packed or labelled and get rejected, incurring extra costs.
We are experts in both setups that Amazon offer, these are: Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) or Amazon FBM (Fulfilment by Merchant). Through our warehousing and distribution teams, we can help with inspection storage, relabelling if needed, using our high-tech packing and labelling machinery, and onward delivery.
We use PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) technology to scan in all orders before the products can be packed and shipped. This reduces errors and ensures that we pick the exact products for that order.
Once the orders have been selected and passed to the packing team, we once again scan the product against the order and generate the postage labels.
If you’re too busy to pack parcels, why not choose our ‘pick and pack’ option. Simply send us the order details, and we’ll meticulously pack, label and send your products to your customers.
FBA Returns:
Stuck with returned goods? If you need to remove your returned goods from Amazon’s warehouse but need a storage solution until you can re-list them, we can help. We’re more than happy to talk through what you need and what options we can offer within our warehousing, which is both safe and secure.



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