Are you prepared to meet the demand that is expected in Q4 as the Christmas season approaches?

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After the logistics challenges of 2021 (driver, fuel and material shortages) many had hoped that 2022 would be less fraught for global supply chains. Sadly that wasn’t to be and these problems have continued, only to be joined recently by industrial action at ports and airports across the globe and the cost-of-living crisis that is now having a knock on effect to peoples spending habits.

But what does this mean for your Christmas 2022 deliveries and how can you meet the demand that comes with the festive season?


Find the right support partner

The biggest problem with the Christmas season is exactly that, it is seasonal. When you also factor in that it is preceded by both Black Friday and Cyber Monday – peak online shopping events, you have a perfect storm of e-commerce that sees levels of demand increase for a period stretching storage, dispatch and delivery muscle to the max; but not for long enough to justify moving your entire operation or dramatically increasing your staff numbers.

Partnering with Velocity, a reliable and professional fulfilment partner can be key to your success. We work with clients to shorten the gap between order and delivery. With our warehouse space, super-fast packing teams, and digital delivery technology, we really do add Velocity to your operation.


Maintain year-round customer relationships

Christmas might be seasonal but customer loyalty shouldn’t be! And letting down smaller customers to keep bigger ones happy doesn’t help grow your business. You can help the demand placed on your supply chain by maintaining good relationships with your customers all year round. That way if you need to adjust plans or schedules an open dialogue will help you better understand what and where to prioritise.

When you outsource your logistics to Velocity, you are giving your business the ability to scale as demand requires. And that way, you’ll always have the resources to meet every customer promise you make.


Start preparation early

Given the events of recent years and the current worldwide uncertainty It’s never too soon to start planning for Christmas and starting to build supplier relationships and investigating supply chain options months in advance can save a lot of unnecessary last-minute stress and panic.

Having a plan for multiple eventualities is also important – especially in such uncertain times. Ask yourself how you would cover multi sickness in January, material and product delays in December – could you still meet customer demand?

When you engage the logistical expertise of Velocity, you’re ensuring that whatever happens, we’ll always deliver a solution. Whether that’s through having the right staff on hand to meet spikes in demand for your products, or using our industry knowledge to reduce shipping times and costs. We’re here to strengthen your business and sharpen your competitive edge.


Whatever the next few months has in store successful ecommerce is a powerful force in these challenging times and Velocity are beside you every step of the way. Contact us today, and let’s discuss your logistics.