Can you meet the demands of Amazon fulfilment?

It’s no secret that Amazon is the biggest online marketplace in the world. The ecommerce giant’s ability to provide low prices on a huge inventory of items, alongside swift delivery times, has enabled them to dominate online retail for decades. And while Amazon’s focus is very much on creating an easy customer experience, with the likes of Prime and one-click ordering, the requirements they place on their selling partners are much more demanding.

For those businesses who can meet these requirements, the rewards are immense. 3rd party Amazon sellers raked in around $80billion in revenue during 2020 alone. However, gaining access to a share of these profits requires significant logistical muscle, and meticulous care and attention to the likes of preparation, packaging and labelling. Something that is easier said than done, especially when you’re importing goods without handling them directly.

Does your business have the resources, expertise and capacity necessary to ensure your goods shipments can meet Amazon’s stringent guidelines?

Velocity can get you up to speed.

If you want to get the most out of your relationship with Amazon, then our logistical expertise can minimise your supply chain complications, while maximising your profits. We’ve got a good working relationship with their fulfilment operation, and know the ins and outs of their system.

Velocity can take care of:

– Coordinating your cargo movement at every step of the journey.

– Container unloading and repackaging.

– Relabelling your products where necessary.

– FBA inspection storage.

– Fielding and storing product returns in a secure location, meaning you don’t have to scramble to find local storage space at short notice.

Whether you have a small pallet or several containers, we can take care of the entire logistical journey, and ensure your products reach the Amazon Fulfilment Depot ready to pass inspection and go to market.


Want to ship direct to customer? Don’t let supply chain issues take your eye off running your business.

Why get tied up in knots attempting to create your own logistical chain that can meet demanding delivery targets when we can take care of things for you? With our ‘pick and pack’ service, simply send us your order details, and we’ll carefully pack, label and ship your products direct to customer.

– Our resilient and flexible logistical network guarantees speedy delivery times, ensuring all your targets are met.

– Our deep understanding of Amazon’s requirements, and the wider needs of ecommerce fulfilment, means we know how to package any kind of product to meet specifications. That means no breakages en-route.

– Fully tracked shipping to keep you and your customers informed throughout the delivery process.

Whether you’re already working with Amazon to sell your products and want to raise your game, or you’re thinking about getting into this challenging but lucrative market – talk to us today. Our logistical network will provide your business with everything you need to create a swift, secure and smooth journey from cargo shipment to customer.

Get in touch today to discuss your needs.