Cargo Consolidation

This is one of our specialities, so if you have lots of products which will be travelling together and perhaps are coming from various locations or suppliers, we can expertly pack them up as one, to create a larger bundle, which is then ready to go.
Our teams will work directly with you, taking extra care to ensure that consignments are handled safely and loaded securely, avoiding the risk of damage or loss.
  • Have your goods delivered to our warehouse, instead of your business address
  • We can store your goods until needed
  • We can combine your separate packages with other goods for efficiency and sustainability
  • We can deliver at a time of your choosing, as a daily/weekly/monthly schedule or next day delivery
  • Return your packaging to us for recycling
It’s a process which can save you time, as you leave us to worry about the arrival, handling and sorting of the items, harnessing the latest packing technology and the expertise of our highly skilled team. It can save you money too, by considerably reducing the cost of haulage and it can also give you peace of mind, knowing that your consolidated freight will reach its destination time after time, in one hit, safely and securely.
With our extensive cargo consolidation options, we are here to help you improve your performance, maximise your supply chain productivity and improve efficiency.
Cargo Consolidated Freight



For your first step in getting your items
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