Don’t let container unloading and receiving hamper your business-growth.

Seeing your business grow is an amazing feeling. However, once those sales start racking up, chances are your component deliveries will also need to increase, and that means your logistical planning needs to be ready to meet demand. Are you prepared to face this challenge?

As many business operators have discovered over the years, success can create bottlenecks and growing pains when it comes to the supply chain, and these can quickly turn the champagne parties into serious headaches. Reputational damage can impact on profits, and future sales. And one of the most common stress points is often the part of the supply chain that seems most straightforward: Container receiving and unloading.

What’s so difficult about unloading a container?

With the right people, equipment and facilities, container unloading is a smooth and secure process. However, for many smaller operations, when surges in demand require larger shipments, and increased volumes, things can quickly go south.

For a start, staff risk injury if they are manually unloading heavy produce, particularly when time is tight, and several containers are arriving on a regular basis. And where forklifts are constantly removing pallet after pallet from the back of a shipping container, there’s an increased chance of damaged equipment and smashed crates.

Staying on top of admin and storage.

With high volumes of shipments coming in, it’s not just about keeping up with the unloading process. The admin and QC side of things needs to be able to maintain pace with deliveries too. Otherwise, you risk missing shorted deliveries, or failing to uncover serious issues before they impact your ability to meet customer demand.

Warehouse storage space.

When it comes to scaling up a smaller operation, once-plentiful warehouse space can quickly disappear. Having the space on site to store, repackage and prepare items for dispatch to customer is vital for ensuring your operation can continue to meet delivery guarantees.

How do you ensure container receiving and unloading won’t hamper your growing operation?

Whether you’re expanding fast right now, or simply making early plans to ensure little problems don’t become big disasters, Velocity can help you. We offer outsourced logistics designed to support you at every point of your product’s transportation journey. When it comes to container receiving and unloading, we have the expertise, specialist equipment, and warehousing space on hand to ensure we’re able to flex up to meet all the demand you face.

Regardless of whether you’ve got thousands of loose parts, or single large and complex components to receive, we can swiftly unload, check, store, and repack (or co-pack) these items for onwards delivery.

Don’t let your growth hinder your success. If you’re serious about building a strong and reliable supply chain to support your business, contact Velocity today.