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Struggling to pack your items? This is where it can all get a little fiddly, but that’s where we step in. At Velocity Global Logistics, we can bundle/label your items according to the exact requirements of the internet retailer you’re using.
  • We only use top quality packing machines to ensure that your product arrives looking its very best. All packaging materials are in accordance with the latest packaging guidelines.
  • We custom label your newly packaged items clearly and accurately.
  • We repack items, if needed, to create smaller, bigger or combined parcels. Whatever size best fits your needs, we can do it.
  • From returns to quality checks, repairs, and disposals – we can manage all aspects of your returns.
  • If your online business is seasonal, or if it scales up and down through demand, we can provide you with support on demand.
At a time when consumers are choosing to order online over instead of shopping on the High Street - the speed at which a customer receives their goods often plays a deciding role in whether they choose to buy from your online store or a competitor’s.
From high quantities of delivery, to arranging transportation of small orders, our solutions cover all aspects of e-commerce services, ensuring your business leaves a lasting impression.
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