New year, new logistics?

With Suez Canal blockages to contend with, alongside ongoing driver, fuel and material shortages, 2021 will be remembered as a fraught year for global supply chains. But what will 2022 bring? Well, we won’t pretend there aren’t going to be challenges. But with the ecommerce boom set to continue, there’ll also be plenty of opportunity to thrive… just as long as your logistics is up to it.

Can you keep up to speed with your customers?

A recent study suggests that around 55% of consumers would go with a competitor that offered swifter fulfilment, brand loyalty be damned.

Do you have the storage, dispatch and delivery muscle on hand to ensure you’re the leader of the pack when it comes to reaching your customers quickly?

At Velocity, we work with clients to shorten the gap between order and delivery. With our warehouse space, super-fast packing teams, and digital delivery technology, we really do add Velocity to your operation.

How will you cope when demand exceeds your ability to supply?

What would you do in a situation where demand exceeds your capacity to supply?

When this happens, many businesses resort to prioritising orders based on customer value or loyalty. And while this might safeguard relationships with bigger customers, it ultimately has a knock-on effect when it comes to nurturing newer relationships.

A bottleneck like this doesn’t just affect current sales, it also affects future opportunities. After all, that smaller value customer of today could become your major customer of tomorrow.

When you outsource your logistics to Velocity, you are giving your business the ability to scale as demand requires. And that way, you’ll always have the resources to meet every customer promise you make.

Are you ready for a lack of certainty?

What restrictions will be in place a month from now? Which materials will surge in price? Will you be able to attract enough skilled staff to ensure your warehousing and logistics continue to run?

With so many uncertainties in the air, you can’t predict the future, but you can build greater flexibility, stability and resilience into your existing supply chain now.

Ask yourself: If half my drivers and warehouse team called in sick at the start of January, would I still be able to meet customer demand?

When you engage the logistical expertise of Velocity, you’re ensuring that whatever happens, we’ll always deliver a solution. Whether that’s through having the right staff on hand to meet spikes in demand for your products, or using our industry knowledge to reduce shipping times and costs. We’re here to strengthen your business, and sharpen your competitive edge.

As we said at the start, despite all the potential challenges, this is actually a boom time for ecommerce. And it’s the strength of your supply chain that will decide whether you profit, or stumble, during whatever complication 2022 will no doubt throw at you. Contact us today, and let’s discuss your logistics.