Reduce your costs with Velocity’s worldwide cargo consolidation service.

Are you spending money on multiple half-full shipments from different suppliers? Do minimum order requirements mean you struggle to source individual components at an affordable cost? This is where Velocity can help. Our cargo consolidation service can collect multiple smaller shipments from your manufacturers anywhere in the world, combine them near point of origin into one efficiently and safely packed container, and ship to wherever you need. That means reduced costs, guaranteed delivery times, and no transit damage.

Sharpen your ability to compete on price.

Everybody knows the rule: The bigger the load volume, the lower the cost per unit. By reducing unit costs on each shipment, you can pass savings on to your customers, and increase your potential for profit.

Cargo consolidation can also open up your ability to negotiate with less expensive suppliers who normally only offer minimum full container load orders. If these volumes are more than you need, you can work with the suppliers to see if they will consider providing partial loads for regular collection on the consolidation journey.

Gain greater control over QC earlier in the supply chain.

Our consolidation warehouses are nearer to the point of origin of your components, meaning quality control checks can be implemented before the stock reaches your premises. This gives you much more control over the situation, improves your chances of getting replacement parts with minimal delays, and reduces your chances of slipping behind on customer delivery guarantees.

Cut the time – and human resource – it takes to organise and manage shipments.

Because we specialise in worldwide freight transport and consolidation, we can take on every aspect of the process for you. That means you don’t need to recruit and train in-house expertise. Our logistic chain can handle everything, from collecting your components, to bringing them to a nearby consolidation warehouse, where they will be packed by experts using high-tech equipment. From there, once your container is fully loaded, your goods will start the journey to your premises.

Velocity support an eco-friendly approach to transport.

By using fewer trucks for your total journey, you aren’t just spending less, you are helping to reduce the impact on our planet too. For most businesses, pressure to demonstrate how we are minimising our carbon footprint is only going to increase in coming years.

Provide peace of mind.

When you work with Velocity to consolidate your cargo, you can rest assured our supply chain experience, and care and attention to the safety and security of every component in your shipment, means your orders will arrive on time, and in good condition. And with our transport management system, you will have full visibility of your goods at every point in the journey.

If you’re looking to access the kind of logistical support that many larger businesses take advantage of to reduce their costs, and improve their competitive advantages, then contact Velocity today.