Freight and delivery in the UK

Wherever it needs to go, we’ll make sure it gets there swiftly and safely, using our specialised freight service, operating around the country.
We can take care of all the logistics for you, whether it’s a major consignment or something smaller, or we can work in partnership alongside your own courier. The choice is down to you, depending on what solution works best.
If it’s booking into Amazon, through any of their fulfilment centres in the UK, we can arrange that to suit your needs and deadlines.
If you require us to pick up items, we can handle that. We provide cutting edge tracking on all orders, giving you transparency and greater peace of mind.
We are located within easy reach of the M25, international airports, and international ports.
With a strong market presence and excellent reputation, our experienced staff deliver the highest standard of customer service and satisfaction


Velocity Logistics specialises in ‘Last-Mile Delivery’. The ‘last mile’ is the final step of the delivery process. This is an important part of the product’s journey that begins at the warehouse and ends at a customer’s doorstep; reaching a final destination safely and on time.

Domestic Freight Shipping UK



For your first step in getting your items
speeding toward their destination