Welcome in the New Year with a new way of thinking about your operations and logistics management processes.

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Looking ahead and planning for a New Year is an important part of setting up for your business’s future success and as we look ahead into 2023, streamlining your logistics process is one area which can reap huge rewards when it comes to managing the supply chain.

With greater economic uncertainty on the horizon and the ongoing cost of living crises it’s unclear exactly what challenges may lie ahead, from the impact of labour shortages to increasing costs across the board we understand that the continuous flow of goods and services remains imperative to the success of all companies who rely on logistics networks for storage, fulfilment, and shipping.

Agility and flexibility of services will, we believe, be the key focus areas that business must continue to invest in and ensure they select their partners wisely.

Velocity Global Logistics is an expert in providing timely logistics and operational services which meet the needs of our clients and customers. We’re here to help minimize the disruption unforeseen events may have thanks to our high-tech solutions and expert warehousing teams who are here to act as an extension of your own team.

We’ve highlighted some of the key services below which we provide including our warehouse management, shipping and fulfilment service solutions which give you the time to focus on the growth of your business as we continue to look after the retention and security of your existing and new customers in a rapidly shifting marketplace.

  1. Amazon Fulfilment Services. 

Optimize your fulfillment strategy by allowing us to streamline your operations through Amazon with our Fulfilment by Amazon or Fulfilment by Merchant options. Our expert warehousing teams take care of inspection, storage and relabeling thanks to our high-tech packing and labelling machinery which ensures your packages are ready for onward delivery, so you don’t have to.

Find out more: https://velocityg.com/amazon-fulfilment/

  1. Warehousing 

We keep track of every box, product, and customer so you can focus on growing your business while we take care of your all your warehouse management needs. With our new Warehouse Management System (WMS) we offer visibility into a business’s entire inventory as well as management of supply chain fulfilment operations from the distribution center to store shelf.

Learn more: https://velocityg.com/ecommerce-warehousing-storage/

  1. UK Shipping

We’ll ensure your parcels get to where they need to be swiftly and safely. Our specialized freight services are experts in ‘Last Mile Delivery’ and operate around the country. Whether it’s a major consignment or smaller delivery you can trust us to work in partnership with your preferred courier to a timeline that suits your needs.

Find out more: https://velocityg.com/uk-freight/