When is the right time to outsource your logistics?

Did you know that 90% of Fortune 500 companies outsource their logistical needs to third party specialists? It’s one of the tricks large businesses now use to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, while still being able to focus on maintaining their competitive edge. At Velocity Global Logistics, we provide the warehousing, transport and fulfilment expertise that allows businesses of all sizes to access the kind of benefits that large scale businesses use to their advantage.

 Most businesses accept that outsourcing the likes of HR, IT and accountancy is a great way to improve productivity and focus. Yet they will sink money, effort and valuable hours of productivity into setting up a logistical and warehousing network that may or may not be able to support growth, and maintain customer satisfaction, as the business grows.

 So if you’re starting to worry that your customer fulfilment, available storage, and transportation network isn’t serving your business as effectively as it could be, then read on to see how we can help you deliver the next steps for your business’ logistical needs.

Are you looking to improve your customer experience?

At Velocity, our core business is ensuring the smooth picking, packing and transporting of goods throughout the world. We specialise in efficient delivery, professional packaging, and protecting your stock from breakage during transit.

We can reduce costs for your customers and clients, give everyone visibility of where their orders are, and guarantee delivery times – no matter how tight. It’s a great way to provide a top-level customer experience, and establish your reputation as a supplier that can be relied upon.

Is your business outgrowing your current logistical chain?

Scaling up your in-house warehousing, delivery and transport network takes time, money and resources. When your business is growing, demand can quickly exceed your transport capabilities, outstrip your storage space, and leave you with brand-tarnishing delays. When you outsource your logistical needs to Velocity, our team are able to swiftly flex up to meet whatever supply and delivery demands are being put on your business. And because we’re a global operation, we can open up overseas territories to you with ease.

Do you need to reduce the risk of disruption?

The more bits you require to put together for each shipment, the greater the chance for complications to arise. If your product offering involves shipping lots of different components together in one package, then a single delay at any point in your supply chain can hamper your ability to meet customer delivery guarantees.

As cargo consolidation experts, we specialise in bringing all the parts together, no matter how small, or distant from each other, and packaging them in one bundle. And our ability to identify potential pain points along the supply chain means we can resolve areas of risk before they occur, and ensure your reputation for coming through for your customers remains unblemished.

Do you need to focus on taking your ecommerce to the next level?

Whether you’ve pivoted to a delivery model during the pandemic, or you simply want to sharpen the standard and quality of the ecommerce side of your business, Velocity can support you. With top quality packaging machines, and materials that meet Amazon’s guidelines, we understand what it takes to work with all internet retailers. And of course we have the resources and specialist knowledge to cope with whatever demand comes your way.

Do your logistical needs change with the seasons?

If seasonal fluctuations affect your product offering, it can be difficult to maintain an efficient and durable delivery network. It also means you’re paying money to maintain a logistical chain that won’t always be productive, and storage that isn’t always used.

While Velocity can stretch to meet your delivery requirements, we can also reduce our services when you don’t need them. And that means you aren’t paying for unused in-house equipment, staff or storage space.

Whether you want access to the worldwide market, dedicated support to ensure your picking, packing and delivery can meet demand, or simply want to free up your key people to focus on your core offering, now is the time to talk about outsourcing your logistics. Get in touch today to discuss your needs.