Why the difference between logistics and supply chain matters to your business.

When discussing the best way to get goods from A to B, terms like logistics and supply chain are often used interchangeably by many firms. And from a layperson’s point of view, those differences may not matter. However, those differences matter a great deal when your business relies on a transportation network that takes raw materials from one location, and through a number of processes turn them into the saleable product your customers expect. And it’s understanding these differences that will allow you to strengthen your customer experience, reduce your overheads, and hone your competitive advantage.

So what are the differences between your supply chain and your logistics network, and why does that matter?

Your supply chain is the network that exists between your firm, your suppliers and your customers. It encompasses the processes of securing raw materials, and all the steps involved in transforming them into the final product your customers receive. This takes in everything from procurement to sales, alongside manufacture and transport.

Logistics is part of your supply chain process, and is sometimes called supply chain management. It involves focussing on the way you plan, carry out and coordinate the movement of your goods. Often, a logistics network will link a number of different businesses and their supply chains together, as goods are moved between various global locations.

And it’s in looking closely at the details of how your logistical network operates, that your business will find ways to shorten lead times, reduce overall costs, and compete with larger businesses in the marketplace.

Especially when you bring a logistics partner like Velocity into the picture.

Raise your logistics game with Velocity

When you outsource to our third-party logistics service, we will take care of everything from receiving and unloading your global shipments, through to storing, repackaging and delivering your goods wherever they need to go.

As part of our service, we can:

  • Use our industry links and knowledge to ensure your goods get from A to B at the lowest possible cost, with the best possible service.
  • Ensure the movement of goods runs smoothly and meets your stated deadlines, no matter how many stop offs, or transport changes, are required.
  • Receive and securely store your goods in our extensive warehousing facilities until they need to be forwarded, and prepare all necessary documentation required.
  • Provide real-time location tracking of your cargo at all times, to keep you and your customers up to date throughout the journey.
  • Use our expert staff and cutting-edge equipment to ensure swift, damage-free unloading, picking and repackaging services to meet the standards of your eCommerce partners and customers.

In these times of transport shortages, and global supply chain issues, there’s never been a better time to consider how a third-party logistics team can support your business. Our resilient global network of transport, warehouses and operators will ensure your business continues to move, no matter what challenges arise. Contact us today.